Hotep Afrakans! I love to see the light even when it's dark. I'm a vegan eater, fruits and vegetable drinker! I'm very passionate and conscious about the foods I consume. I'd like to share whatever I can about health and the wellness from the inside out! Come, and join me!

Okra is a fruit that’s very slimy! As to why I fry them, so I don’t see that slime! I washed off, split open, rinsed again. Laid out in paper towels to dry out. While drying I made a flax seed meal batter. Used garbanzo and coconut flour seasoned flour really well! What ever seasoning you like, add! Heat grapeseed oil, enough to fry with! Dip sliced okra in wet flaxseed meal batter…be sure to wet really well so flour will stick while in oil… and coat with seasoned flour. When oil is nice and hot add okra. Fry until golden brown! They turn out nice a crispy! Tip, try using a deep fryer so you don’t have to keep adding oil to pan and all okra can be fried at one time!