Hotep Afrakans! I love to see the light even when it's dark. I'm a vegan eater, fruits and vegetable drinker! I'm very passionate and conscious about the foods I consume. I'd like to share whatever I can about health and the wellness from the inside out! Come, and join me!

Not everyone likes mushrooms but I absolutely love them! They add flavor to many dishes! I sautéed some mushrooms with herbs and different seasoning once sautéed I added a little vegetable broth and added steamed string beans! I steamed them first so they’ll cook thoroughly with sautéed mushrooms! This is absolutely a choice of taste dish! You can flavor your mushrooms as your tastebuds see fit! Just add some coconut oil or olive oil to heated pan, add washed mushrooms and your choice of seasoning and or herbs. Steam string beans before adding to sautéed mushrooms. Sauté mushrooms until they start to distribute water…add some vegetable broth then add string beans! Use fresh string beans which will make for an more authentic taste! Cook until string beans are done on low to medium heat, checking often! You will need to add robust seasoning, like paprika, smoked paprika, etc…to give a bold taste! Also, thyme is one of my favorites, I use it on everything!